Wiring Installer

Date: Monday 8/22/2022 to Friday 8/26/2022
Time: 7 am to 4:00 pm (must be on-site at 6:30 am to check in)
1hr lunch
Locations: Mckinney TX 75013

$15 an hr up to 40hrs with a bonus of $100 

Thank you for considering being a part of the team. Your task is to help pull data cables overhead through a commercial building and do general labor work. You must be comfortable on an 8ft ladder. You must be able to work in a fast-paced environment around others and have the ability to pull about 60lbs of cables. This is a total commitment project you must be on time and work the scheduled date above as needed. Work boots, gloves, blue jeans, and a solid color blue or black T-shirt are required. NO baggy clothing, no paint on them, or no holes. You must have a valid ID or driver’s license and a working cellphone onsite. A short safety class will be conducted Monday morning, and is required to work onsite. If needed, a hard hat, safety vest, & eyeglasses will be provided at no charge. A bonus of $100 when working $40hrs or more will be provided to those who successfully complete the task.

ADIA will be the staffing source for this project. Because we need committed candidates using ADIA, you must fill out this form below immediately upon accepting the listed job on ADIA. A profile pic is required on ADIA so we can identify workers. If we do not receive the completed form below, promptly you will be removed from the job posting. A phone interview will follow after applying for qualified candidates.

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